Can online courses really help with your dog’s behavior issues?

People are often curious about the changes that they will see in their dog’s behavior when taking an online training course when compared to in-home training. Recently, online dog training instruction has become very common and in fact, is highly effective! It can be more effective in some cases than in-home training.

Many dog training experts are now moving toward publishing eBooks, webinars, and online courses to teach pet parents how they can teach their dogs new ways of behaving from their own home. This means that you don’t have to leave your home to receive the expert-level instruction that your dog needs. Both you and your dog will be more relaxed and open to learning because you can both learn at your own pace; your dog won’t be scared or over-excited by a person in your house or by going to a new place, and you will have all of your supplies at the ready to reinforce your dog for their hard work and good behavior!.

What makes some online courses better than others? Which ones will be beneficial to you and effective for your dog?  Let’s expore that.

4 Reasons Why Online Training Can Be a Smart Solution

1. Accessibility

Pet parents may not live near a qualified, positive-reinforcement, certified dog trainer or board-certified veterinary behaviorist. Online dog training classes allow you to learn training methods from an expert that you might otherwise never have the opportunity to meet in person due to logistics, expense, or time constraints. If you’re at work all day, it can be difficult to make it to a dog training class on time. Pet parents who only have a few hours during the day to train and work with their fur babies can find online courses very useful. And, because you are in the comfort of your own home, you can watch and digest content as much as you need, as many times as you want to without fear of missing important details. You can tackle the classes and content on your own schedule and develop your plan to work through each of the modules.

2. You and your dog’s well-being

 Dogs who have been properly trained are often happier and better behaved, which makes life easier for both the dog and the pet parent. Sometimes dogs learn better when someone is not in the home because of their fear, anxiety, stress, or overexcitability. Having someone in the home can be disruptive if your dog is sensitive or over-excited causing precious time with the dog training professional to be spent on helping your dog get comfortable with them. Sometimes it feels safer and less stressful to learn in your own home without someone watching you, then access personalized help when you are ready.

3. Individual needs

Finding the right class, or training school to help you with your dog, especially one with behavior issues may feel daunting. There are so many options available for dog training, it can be challenging to know where to start, and sometimes pet parents don’t get started at all because they are so overwhelmed. Similarly, group training classes may not work with your dog’s temperament, or behavior issue, or may even be overwhelming. Learning online allows you to focus on only the information that you need to solve your dog’s individual behavior problems.

You can find the one that fits your needs and budget. Courses can be completed at your own pace, which makes them convenient for busy pet owners. For example, if you are struggling with a dog fearful of thunderstorms, or is experiencing reactive issues as you are taking a walk around the neighborhood, using an online course is an excellent way to learn about how to help your dog overcome their fears so they can be more comfortable and relaxed.

4. Reduced costs

 Online training, even if used as a start to build a strong foundation before seeing an in-person trainer, can save you hundreds of dollars each month. The Dog Nerds courses come with cool monthly bonuses and live video calls with the entire Dog Nerds team which would be hundreds of dollars a month otherwise.

How do I find the right course for my dog?

There are many online dog training courses from which to choose that can help you improve your dog’s behavior. The most effective programs offer you important information about canine behavior, how dogs learn, obedience training, and even underlying conditions which may be contributing to behavioral changes such as pain, discomfort, and serious behavior conditions. an online course is the first step on a successful training journey with your dog.

A well-designed course will provide clear instructions, tips, and strategies for working with your dog, as well as offer videos that demonstrate how to teach specific behaviors. When seeking out the best method to begin your online journey, choose a specially trained and knowledgeable team that has invested significant time and resources in furthering their learning. Look for a dog training professional who is certified. Dog training professionals are not licensed or regulated so looking for those who have additional training and have elected to become certified is especially important. Your dog may need the help of a specially trained veterinarian called a board-certified veterinary behaviorist. The Dog Nerds team has two certified trainers and a board-certified veterinary behaviorist. Each course option should focus on a different element of dog behavior or address topics that are important for dogs to learn.

What about Dog Nerds courses?

At Dog Nerds, our expert team is passionate about helping dogs live happier lives by altering those negative behaviors that cause stress for them and their pet parents. With our step-by-step courses and our expert team members to guide you on the journey, the possibilities for you and your dog are endless.

Walking a dog who is reactive to dogs, cars or people is extremely stressful to pet parents, and it is dangerous and scary to your pet. When your dog is focused, and calmer, it can make a HUGE difference in their quality of life. They are more relaxed, less stressed, and experience less anxiety. At Dog Nerds, we hear over and over that not only are the dogs’ lives transformed but those of their humans, too. A happy dog is a relaxed dog, which means that both you and your canine will be much calmer outside, inside, and anywhere you may venture.

Having a dependable pet who understands specific cues to help them in scary or difficult situations makes it easier for you to take them out into public and enjoy social settings such as dog-friendly cafes and restaurants.

These are just a few of the many reasons why online dog courses have become so popular. Want to learn more? Need to intervene in barking, lunging, uncontrollable excitement, or other behaviors when your dog sees other dogs on a walk; or shaking, trembling, or hiding because of scary sounds? Check out some of our recommended training classes here! Just don’t forget to stock up on treats!