FAQ About Our Online Dog Training Courses

Each of our online dog training courses have short, easy to watch video lessons, plus informative handouts. They are self-paced and you can take as much time as you need to practice the skills in each lesson.

We recommend doing one or two lessons per week. You want you and your dog to learn them well and feel comfortable before moving on.

These online dog training courses utilize discussions, lectures, videos, photos, slides, and written material. You will have ample opportunity for asking questions and learning through feedback.

You will receive unlimited email support and coaching as long as you are a member (or for 6 months for single-pay courses). Check each course to find out what goodies are included!

You will need a computer or laptop with a good internet connection. While not ideal, a smartphone can be used. If you can read this, you are most likely fine!

Typically,  over time, most dogs will show a lot of improvement, and some dogs will even exhibit dramatic improvement, but it takes time to affect behavior change.

Improvement is also contingent on how consistently you work with your dog as well as how long the problem has been happening and the seriousness of it.

All dogs are different so it would be unrealistic to make predictions or guarantees. However, we have helped hundreds of dogs with different issues including the one you’re concerned about and our goal is to help you with yours.

Our main goal is your success. The course material is very thorough and the lessons are straightforward. You have ample opportunities to get your questions answered at any time via email. 

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We offer online training courses for both dog reactivity and noise phobia.

If you are ready to register for either of these courses, please visit the following:

Reactive Dog Program: From Anxious to Zensational

Dog Noise Phobic Program: From Fearful to Relaxed