Take this online course to build focus and attention in your dog!

May I Have Your Attention Please?


Are you struggling to get your dog to pay attention to you and listen?

Focus and attention are the foundation by which almost all behaviors are built whether it be obedience, impulse control, or the treatment of more serious problems like aggression and reactivity. Here is what happens without attention:

~Your dog’s learning will be slower and often frustrating to you.

~More advanced behaviors, such as walking your dog off-leash, or coming when called, for example, will be unpredictable.

~Even simple skills will be unreliable and subject to the whim and distractibility of your dog.

~Attention and focus open up the world for you and your dog.

Are you ready for more attention from your dog?

Laser focus and quick attention are great goals to have. We can help you build those skills in the May I Have Your Attention Please course!

~Our lessons and games are perfect for all ages, from puppy to senior, and all dog breeds.

~Whether you have lived with your dog for years or have recently welcomed a new member to the family, this course may be transformational for you.

~All of this for only $9.99. Get it now while we are offering lifetime access!


Receive easy to follow and understand lessons

Online video lessons and real-life examples help you learn fast. Printable, downloadable handouts support each lesson for increased understanding. Each lesson and game guides you through various exercises that are specially designed to build focus and attention skills.

This course is taught by dog behavior experts

We have successfully taught thousands of dogs just like yours. Dr. Lisa Radosta is a board certified veterinary behaviorist. Mindy Cox and Cheryl VanVoorhies are both certified professional dog trainers. We wrote and curated this course to be effective for you.

You and your dog will learn new skills quickly.

Everything is presented in easy-to-digest short videos with corresponding printable handouts. You will practice and build an important skill and then move on to the next one. Within a few short weeks, you should see exciting changes in your dog’s responses.

The price is right! The course is so affordable.

Did we mention how affordable all of this is? With your diligent daily practice, you’ll soon see an exciting new relationship with your dog that is steadily building.  The May I Have Your Attention Please course may be only $9.99 but your dog’s improvement is priceless! Buy the course now and receive lifetime access.

Do we have your attention?

You want your dog’s attention. You need your dog’s attention! What are you waiting for? Change can start NOW!
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