Get expert Dog Nerds’ instructor coaching
& help when you need it for course questions or issues.

Stuck or confused? Have training or behavior questions and
need some help with coursework? That’s what we are here for!

Choose your coaching session option.

All Students :

Your email support is available for 6 months from your course purchase.
Your phone support is available for 3 months from course purchase.

However, sometimes you need more. We can provide virtual ‘face-to-face’ consultations to work with you and your dog as if we were right there with you. Pick the session length of time and let’s schedule a time.

How to choose :

For the first 5 months after the purchase of your course, you can choose the “Current Student” reduced fee option for virtual consultations. This is at a vastly reduced rate than behavior specialists typically charge.

After 5 months from your course purchase, support is offered at the regular price.

What happens after you purchase a coaching session?
We will email you to schedule our video lesson.

Can’t figure it out? Let us help you.

Current student: 30 minutes

Current student: 60 minutes

60 minutes; post 5 mo. period

30 minutes; post 5 mo. period