Reactive Program: From Anxious to Zensational

Don’t Wait!

We know how it is to have your sweet dog turn into Cujo on walks. It’s frustrating and stressful! We’ve been there. That’s why we created this online course to change your dog’s behavior.

At first you will learn and practice the lessons in the comfort and safety of your home. Then these new skills will be used on walks with your dog.

This online course, begins whenever you are ready. Short, easy to follow and understand videos (plus handouts!) will help you understand your dog and will guide you as you teach him new, alternative behaviors. Before you know it, you are feeling calmer and your dog is feeling more confident and less anxious or reactive on walks.

Your dog’s behavior issues will not improve without the right set of tools and we have those tools for you. We will work closely with you to help you succeed. You will be working with dog behavior specialists (but you will be paying far less) .

Does this describe you?

These are real quotes from dog owners just like you. If you answered yes to one or more of these, then you need to register for this course now.

  • Nothing I do seems to help. I am at a loss.
  • My dog is stressed. I worry about my dog and want him to be happy.
  • My dog scares the heck out of my neighbors. I feel ashamed.
  • I can hardly control my dog. It’s so embarrassing. I’m overwhelmed.
  • Dealing with an out of control dog is frustrating. I’ve stopped walking her.
  • I feel like a failure and incapable of changing his behavior.
  • We love our dog and want to help fix this problem.

We are a team working together for a common goal: Making walks better!

You feel helpless or anxious when walking your dog. You don’t know what to do. We are here to help you change that. When you learn what to do, confidence follows.

Your Dog
Your dog is guided by his or her emotions and feels that walks are scary or unsafe. That’s why your dog is reacting (he is not being “bad”). Learn the one important thing that all reactive dogs need.

Your Coaches (the dog behavior experts)
We have years of experience and education in understanding dog behavior, including fear, anxiety, and aggression. We will provide the tools and skills you need to help your dog change.

Do you dread walking your dog?
Does your dog bark, lunge or growl at other dogs or people (or bikes, or cars…) on walks?

In this online course that you will take in the comfort of your home, you will learn important skills through games and positive reinforcement (yup, no punishment needed) that will help your dog feel calmer on walks.

Your confidence will grow too! We want walks to be fun for you both so read on to learn more, or go ahead and register now.

You have questions? We have answers!

Have a question that is not answered here? Email Us!

This course is for owners with dogs that react on leash toward other dogs, people, cars, bikes, etc. Reacting means uncontrollable behaviors including lunging or pulling, barking, growling, or whining.

We know because we have helped thousands of people over the years who were just like you. Now they are enjoying a dog who is much calmer and easier to walk. Plus, we are there to help answer any questions you may have while you are learning and working the program with your dog.

We will help you teach your dog new behaviors. Your dog can’t learn if he is stressed and reacting.  We begin to build new, alternative behaviors in the quiet of your home.
When both of you understand these new behavioral tools, you will then be using them thoughtfully on walks as laid out in the course. The goal is no reactions, so building muscle memory for both of you is important to make walks calmer and less stressful.

This is a self-paced course. Take as much time as you need to practice the skills in each week’s lesson to begin to  change your dog’s reactive behavior. We recommend doing one lesson per week. This is an online course utilizing discussion, lectures, videos, photos, slides, and written material. There will be ample opportunity for asking questions and learning through feedback if you opt for the full package.

You can start anytime you want! There is no schedule to contend with. Fit everything into your schedule. And yes, working in the comfort of your home without distractions (to begin with) is the way to begin to get your dog to relax and feel safer.

You will need a computer or laptop with a good internet connection. While not ideal, a smartphone can be used.

The fee for the entire package includes:

  • All of the coursework, video lessons, handouts, techniques, and instructor access to change your dog’s behavior in a positive way.
  • Topical lesson discussions  for a complete learning experience.<br>–Unlimited 5-day per week email access to an experienced instructor
  • Generous phone support to answer questions and concerns. This package is $149.00

Need extra help? At a special reduced rate you can schedule  a virtual consult to meet face-to-face online with a knowledgeable instructor to work with you and your dog as if you were in the same room, answer any questions and troubleshoot any issues.

Typically, dogs will show improvement, but it takes time to change behavior. One of the sections of the course will help you with realistic goal setting. Improvement is also contingent on how much you work with your dog as well as how long the problem has been happening and how serious a problem it is. All dogs are different so we can’t make any predictions or guarantees. However, we have helped hundreds of dogs with this problem and our goal is to help you with yours.

 In the majority of dogs, the reason is fear, anxiety or stress. They react in order to get the scary thing to go away. In this course, we will teach your dog that there are other options instead of reacting. When he learns other, better behaviors, he or she will get calmer and you will both become more confident.

All of the behaviors listed below are not addressed in this class. Please contact us if you are not sure if this is the right class for your dog’s issues. 

  • Dogs whose only issue is guarding resources such as their food dish or toys.
  • Dogs that jump on people in a friendly manner. A good dog trainer can  help you with that. That is not fear-based reactivity.
  • Dogs who are primarily scared of noises.
  • Dogs who fight with the other dog(s) in their household but are fine with dogs outside the home.
  • Dogs who are only a problem to visitors inside the home but aren’t a problem on leash to people outside the home.
  • Dogs whose problems are not primarily due to leash reactivity. This course is designed to modify the behavior of dogs that react while on the leash.

Why should you register now?

You will see results
Using the modern, science-based techniques and skills we will teach you, many in enjoyable game form, you will see a change in your dog, and more confidence in you, in as little as 4 weeks. Walks will become more enjoyable as your dog learns how to stay calm. Your despair can turn to joy!

This course is a great deal and opportunity
We recommend that you don’t wait to register! This program includes all of the video lessons, handouts and materials, AND it includes email and phone coaching and support for only $149. It’s a robust course at a fraction of the cost of private, face-to-face, individual lessons with any credentialed, expert instructor.

We have the experience to help you
The instructors are educated and experienced. Lisa Radosta is a board certified veterinary behaviorist. Mindy Cox and Cheryl VanVoorhies are certified professional dog trainers who specialize and have experience helping clients with their dog’s behavior problems. They have been working successfully with aggressive and reactive dogs and their owners for decades.

Don't Wait

Bonus material

Bonus #1
You will be invited to the members-only Facebook page where you will share your experiences with other sympathetic owners that have the same isssues as you and you will learn from each other in a supportive environment.

Bonus #2
You will get access to the instructors via unlimited email support for 6 months, and generous phone support for 3 months to get your pressing questions answered. Everyone’s issues and concerns are unique. We are here to help you, provide feedback, and share our expertise.

Bonus #3
You will receive, at no additional charge, a special section with lessons on how your dog thinks and learns, and how to teach him or her effectively and efficiently. This mini course will increase your success and allow you to see quicker results!

In a few short weeks of working the program you will see progress and begin enjoying walks again.

This is how –>

This happy dog now loves his walks.
  • We will help you understand what causes reactivity and how it’s not about your dog being disobedient.
  • Our proven techniques will teach you in the comfort of your home without having to take your dog any place worrisome.
  • We will be there to help you as well as will a whole community of like-minded dog owners that share the same issues and worries and understand exactly what you’re going through.
  • The course uses easy to use, step-by-step instruction, videos, and written materials, that will help you even if you are not good at training a dog.
  • This course provides the skills and techniques you need to achieve dramatic and rewarding results. It is self-paced so while we suggest that you do it on the established time table, we know you are busy so you are able to fit it into your lifestyle.

This effective online educational course will help your
leash-reactive dog change his or her behavior.

If you wait your dog will not improve.
Make today the start of a new day of behavior change and hope.