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Dr. Radosta and her dog

Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB: Co-founder of Dog Nerds

Mindy Cox

Mindy Cox, B.S., CPDT-KSA: Co-founder of Dog Nerds

Mindy Cox, is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, a Professional Member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), a Certified Fear Free Professional, and has been working with dogs for decades. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Cornell University and pursued her master’s degree in veterinary anatomy from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine.

Mindy was an animal hospital administrator for over thirty years in a veterinary practice she co-owned with her husband, and in that capacity had been instrumental in starting programs in pet therapy, puppy kindergarten, and obedience and behavior. She is currently applying all of her energies to helping dog owners create the best possible partnership with their dog.

Mindy is the Training Director and owner of Lucky Dog Training Club in Jupiter, FL. She helps dog owners with a multitude of training and behavior issues, both in group and private classes. She is also a founder and instructor at Dog Nerds, LLC, an educational company that creates online courses to help owners solve dog behavior issues. Learn more about Dog Nerds.

Mindy has had the good fortune of training under and learning from some of the top dog experts in the world. She continues to attend continuing education lectures and seminars to expand her expertise in dog behavior and has worked successfully with many dog owners in private consultations to help modify behavior problems including fear and aggression.


Cheryl VanVoorhies, M.Ed., CTC

Cheryl holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, as well as graduating from Jean Donaldson’s Academy for Dog trainers,regarded as the “ The Harvard school of dog training.”

A large part of her 35 year career was spent working with challenging students. This lead to a nice transition into her present career path.

Cheryl started out assisting in Reactive dog class  in 2008. She has lived  the pain and triumph of living with a reactive dog of her own.

This soon transitioned into her current position as a Veterinary Behavior Technician at Florida Veterinary Behavior Service, a veterinary behavior only specialty practice, where she has worked since 2012. She implements and troubleshoots all behavior  modification treatment plans to ensure her patients success. She deals with many anxious and aggressive animals with a wide range of emotional disorders.

Cheryl has lectured at the largest Veterinary Conference in North America speaking about noise aversion, and a Veterinary Technician Summit addressing noise aversion and motion sickness.She also lectures locally on many dog related topics.

Cheryl is also a certified dog Instructor at Lucky Dog Training Club where she teaches many classes such as puppy class, Nose Work, obedience, and Fido Fun and Games.

Cheryl’s extensive education and training brings a nice balance when working with clients and their pets.